Today I’m grumpy, and here’s why

So today was the first day the humans went back to actual church… I know what you’re thinking – great!

Well you’re wrong – it smells. For the first time since March I wasn’t able to go to church, let alone purr in the prayers or meow during the Eucharist.

I watched as they all drove off together instead of going to set up in the vicarage study.

Due to the lack of thought from my humans and my lack of fingers, I couldn’t even access the service on Facebook.

I did try to hold a pencil in my mouth to get on Reverend Suz’s laptop, but unfortunately this failed due to my lack of teeth.

Of course, I saw them take that horrid Teddy Sue with them to the service. It’s so unfair!

When they came home I made sure to shout at them and now I’m not talking to them… at least until dinner time. I also made sure I kicked some of my water on the floor for when they got home in protest.

How can I be the praying cat without techie Lewis or Rev Suz’s lap to curl up on or prayers to shout in? I feel cheated by this “reopening”.

Hopefully, I will successfully keep them all home next week. Over and out.

Published by missazzab

I'm a 27-year-old creative based in Cardiff in south Wales. I love chocolate and cooking - especially desserts which involve chocolate or zingy ingredients like ginger, garlic or chilli - hence why I started The Tasty Egg. I'm a Christian who loves heavy metal music and chilling.

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