A cat’s life when the Rev’s away

So Rev Suz is currently on holiday, that means I can’t access church for a couple of weeks because it’s not online and, being a cat, I can’t drive.

While it smells, I must admit, I have enjoyed the extra cat naps this week. The other humans in the vicarage have kept feeding me treats, so that is also a bonus.

I managed to take the one human’s laptop but I haven’t quite figured it out yet… I keep getting distracted by the wiggly part that goes into the wall.

The one human said something about a mouse but I couldn’t see a mouse anywhere!

I think the rev must have taken those stupid teds with her because I haven’t seen them in ages – not that I miss them or anything. I do miss trying to get on Zoom calls with Rev Suz though – I like trying to contribute to meetings.

Other than naps, and treats, I’ve mainly just watched spiders which I can’t be bothered to catch and dug the garden up. I don’t know why the humans don’t relax more… it’s sooooo easy.

Hopefully I’ll have a more exciting vicarage update soon – maybe a mouse will come in. Who knows?

I’ll have to try to find a cat shaped mask for when I want to go for a walk later – remember your masks everyone and speak to you later.

Published by missazzab

I'm a 27-year-old creative based in Cardiff in south Wales. I love chocolate and cooking - especially desserts which involve chocolate or zingy ingredients like ginger, garlic or chilli - hence why I started The Tasty Egg. I'm a Christian who loves heavy metal music and chilling.

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