Introducing techie Jasper

Church was once again at home on Sunday, and I couldn’t be happier. This week I decided to try my hand at being a techie, so I took to supervising techie Lewis.

I know it’s important to try to be quiet as a techie, so I purred along to the prayers and the liturgy rather than shouting like normal.

As you can see, I made sure my bed was brought into the vicarage church room so I could supervise with comfort.

The humans seemed really happy to have the music again, they kept saying how much they’d missed it.

I would say that I feel the same, but I couldn’t help but notice those horrible Teds joined the singing section of the worship group… how dare they.

I swear I saw them pulling faces at me during the prayers, but OBVIOUSLY Rev Suz didn’t believe me because everyone’s eyes were closed at the time.

I also noticed that the sparkly human, Ariane, didn’t have her guitar when she came back to church. I was worried she might have injured her human paws trying to hunt.

I later found out that she’d started a new job (which explains why she keeps disappearing upstairs) so she didn’t have as much time to practice this week. She never could play barre chords like Young Phil anyway.

I overheard the humans talking about how the reason that we’re all at home again is because of a firebreak lockdown and someone called Bark Drakeford.

I like the sound of this Drakeford person, even though I am now suspicious he could be a dog with a name like Bark… but then my hearing isn’t the best at nearly 17.

Hopefully, with the humans at home more, this means more snacks and attention for me when I’m not catching my beauty sleep. Fingers crossed everyone.

Published by missazzab

I'm a 27-year-old creative based in Cardiff in south Wales. I love chocolate and cooking - especially desserts which involve chocolate or zingy ingredients like ginger, garlic or chilli - hence why I started The Tasty Egg. I'm a Christian who loves heavy metal music and chilling.

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