Today I’m grumpy, and here’s why

So today was the first day the humans went back to actual church… I know what you’re thinking – great! Well you’re wrong – it smells. For the first time since March I wasn’t able to go to church, let alone purr in the prayers or meow during the Eucharist. I watched as they allContinue reading “Today I’m grumpy, and here’s why”

First public service since the beginning of lockdown

St John’s church in Aberkenfig will open its doors for a public service tomorrow – the first since the beginning of lockdown back in March. A team of us attended the church today to get the final preparations in order, such as setting up the tripod and making sure it wouldn’t be in the way.Continue reading “First public service since the beginning of lockdown”

Introducing the Praying Cat

Hi, I’m Jasper Brumwell – now a vicarage cat, but also known as the praying cat. I’m 16 and a half years old, and I moved to Bryncethin with my family last August. Some of you will know me from my presence in virtual church. I don’t like it when my family forget to letContinue reading “Introducing the Praying Cat”