From the vicarage: paying tribute to the praying cat

Hi there, Ariane here. You’ll know me from helping with the music on a Sunday morning and running Jasper’s Vicarage Cat Diary.   You may have noticed that there’s been a lack of updates from the praying cat recently, and so I am writing this update for his fans and followers (both online and in theContinue reading “From the vicarage: paying tribute to the praying cat”

Back in lockdown with mayonnaise

So a couple of things are happening at the moment which I think are important for me to share. Firstly, I tried mayonnaise for the first time recently when the techie humans weren’t looking, and I have decided that it is my new favourite food so I shout whenever the humans get it from theContinue reading “Back in lockdown with mayonnaise”

A cat’s life when the Rev’s away

So Rev Suz is currently on holiday, that means I can’t access church for a couple of weeks because it’s not online and, being a cat, I can’t drive. While it smells, I must admit, I have enjoyed the extra cat naps this week. The other humans in the vicarage have kept feeding me treats,Continue reading “A cat’s life when the Rev’s away”

Introducing the Praying Cat

Hi, I’m Jasper Brumwell – now a vicarage cat, but also known as the praying cat. I’m 16 and a half years old, and I moved to Bryncethin with my family last August. Some of you will know me from my presence in virtual church. I don’t like it when my family forget to letContinue reading “Introducing the Praying Cat”