A cat’s life when the Rev’s away

So Rev Suz is currently on holiday, that means I can’t access church for a couple of weeks because it’s not online and, being a cat, I can’t drive. While it smells, I must admit, I have enjoyed the extra cat naps this week. The other humans in the vicarage have kept feeding me treats,Continue reading “A cat’s life when the Rev’s away”

I’m back, and I’m part of the worship group

I am proud to announce that I FINALLY got to go back to church on Sunday afternoon after weeks of trying to watch on Ariane’s laptop which, as I previously established, is really hard when you don’t have fingers. The humans held an all age service from the house church – known by Reverend SuzContinue reading “I’m back, and I’m part of the worship group”

Introducing the Praying Cat

Hi, I’m Jasper Brumwell – now a vicarage cat, but also known as the praying cat. I’m 16 and a half years old, and I moved to Bryncethin with my family last August. Some of you will know me from my presence in virtual church. I don’t like it when my family forget to letContinue reading “Introducing the Praying Cat”